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What is the state of the international procurement market? Find out when Christopher Yukins, co-director of the Government Procurement Law Program at the Georg...

Head shot of Christopher Yukins
Christopher Yukins, co-director, Government Procurement Law Program, George Washington University Law School

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This week on Off the Shelf, Christopher Yukins, co-director of the Government Procurement Law Program at the George Washington University Law School, shares the latest happenings from the school, including the development of a new suite of online courses and diversifying the curriculum to cover state, national and international procurement markets.

Yukins is a recognized expert on comparative procurement systems and international markets. He provides keen insights and analysis regarding the new European Defense Fund and the implications for US Defense and aerospace firms.

Yukins also focuses on the Trump Administration’s “Buy American” initiative and its impact on federal and state procurement.

In a wide ranging discussion, he outlines how ongoing trade negotiations have affected federal procurement and how national security risk (cyber and supply chain) may undermine trade agreements.

Finally, Chris shares his thoughts on the ongoing Section 846 e-Commerce initiative and the implications for trade agreements and other compliance regimes.

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