Systems integration and its role in IT modernization

What role are systems integrators playing in IT modernization? Find out when Subramanyam Surabhi, vice president, Consulting Services, Emerging Technologies Pra...

(This show originally aired on November 6, 2018)

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This week’s guest on Off the Shelf is Subramanyam Surabhi, vice president, Consulting Services, Emerging Technologies Practice at CGI Federal. Surabhi discusses the critical role systems integrators are playing in IT modernization.

Head shot of Subramanyam Surabhi
Subramanyam Surabhi, CGI Federal

The federal government continues to move to a much more outcome-based approach to requirements/performance as opposed to a prescriptive, deliverable-based model. In this context, Surabhi shares how CGI and systems integrators generally are supporting adoption of as-a-service models (e.g. cloud), automation and machine learning to improve outcomes for customer agencies and the public.

He also shares his insights regarding the role Agile development and DevOps are playing in meeting customer needs.

Finally, Surabhi outlines the strategic and tactical roles systems integrators playing in meeting customer needs now in in the future.

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