Current trends in cybersecurity

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This week on Off the Shelf, John DeSimone, vice president of Cybersecurity and Special Missions (CSM) for Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS) highlights current trends in cyber across the federal market.

Head shot of John DeSimone
John DeSimone

In a wide ranging discussion of supply chain and cyber risks, DeSimone highlights the challenges in cloud adoption focusing on data security, compliance and strategy alignment across the enterprise.

He outlines trends/strategies in cyber physical security systems, cyber as a service, and data resiliency and protection.

DeSimone also shares insights regarding zero trust approach to layered security and how customers are utilizing this approach in managing cyber risk.

Finally DeSimone outlines Raytheon commitment to cybersecurity training including how Raytheon is leveraging its Cyber Academy curriculum to held develop a cyber expertise across the enterprise.