A mid-year federal procurement update

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This week on Off the Shelf, Bill Gormley, president of the Gormley Group, and Tom Sisti, executive vice president and general counsel at the Coalition for Government Procurement, provide a mid-year update on current programmatic, policy, and market trends in federal procurement.

Head shots of Bill Gormley and Tom Sisti
Bill Gormley & Tom Sisti

Gormley and Sisti provide an update on the state of the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) program. Last year saw significant growth in the MAS program. They examine the factors driving that growth, especially the role the MAS program played in responding to the pandemic. Transactional Data Reporting (TDR), schedules consolidation, and the development of MAS acquisition workforce are covered in a wide ranging assessment of the state of the MAS program.

Gormley and Sisti also provide their analysis and impression of GSA’s acquisition strategy for the new Services MAC and the implications for customer agencies, industry partners and GSA operations.

Finally Gormley and Sisti discuss cybersecurity and the President Biden’s recent executive order, highlighting what it means for government and industry.

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