An inside look at the Government Accountability Office

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Shelby Oakley, a director with the Contracting and National Security Acquisitions Team in the Government Accountability Office, joined host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf for a wide ranging discussion highlighting GAO’s oversight role and its engagement with the executive branch.

Shelby Oakley, GAO

Oakley shared how GAO engages with executive agencies when conducting reviews — emphasizing the importance of communication and building trust. She walked through the process, addressing her role as a director, how GAO puts together a review team, and how GAO conducts reviews.

One of Oakley’s main areas of focus is VA Acquisition Management. She discussed the key findings and recommendations across a services of GAO reports focusing on key programs in VA acquisition, including the VA’s Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program and the Med-Surg Prime Vendor (MSPV)program. Among the topics addressed include the overlap between FSS and MSPV, supply chain modernization, role of clinical input, and the DLA-VA partnership.

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