Bob Work

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What’s next for national security and artificial intelligence?

A massive report from the National Security Commission on AI detailed how the U.S. can maintain a technological advantage over China.

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(Photo by Michael L. Lewis)Uniformed and civilian cyber and military intelligence specialists monitor Army networks in the Cyber Mission Unit’s Cyber Operations Center at Fort Gordon, Ga. (Photo by Michael L. Lewis)

Cyber Mission Forces try to manipulate cyber terrain with new policy

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Getty Images/Wavebreak Media/Wavebreakmedia Ltdhiring authorities

Lawmakers push for more exemptions to hiring freeze

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President Donald TrumpDonald Trump

With Cabinet nominees filled, Trump preparing for next level of appointees

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Defense Secretary Ash Carter/AP/Andrew Harnik

Trump team to meet with Pentagon, what that means for Carter’s legacy

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Ash Carter

Ash Carter brings on more innovators to upgrade DoD

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced he is adding three members to the Defense Innovation Advisory Board. Two of them are technologists and Silicon Valley…

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DoD asks business board to ponder presidential transition

Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work tasked the Defense Business Board to help its senior executives move DoD to the next administration.

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Senator wants definition on cyber act of war

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) wants the Obama administration to figure out when a cyber attack is considered an act of war.

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