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Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund

Can you spare $2 a day for a month, for a worthy cause?

The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is looking for feds and supporters of public service to walk, run, swim, even roll your wheelchair for…

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Save money for your healthy, take care your Health for save your money

How feds can find loans and other assistance during the coronavirus pandemic

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FEEA will be one recipient of proceeds from FNN’s Motorcycle Ride for Charity

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Steff Thomas/Federal News Network

Fed assistance charity in need of funds following shutdown

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Michael O'Connell/FNNFormer AFGE President

Agencies, AFGE begin preparations for another government shutdown

As agencies plan for the possibility of another government shutdown at the end of this week, the American Federation of Government Employees is telling…

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A furloughed government worker affected by the shutdown wears a shirt that reads

Shutdown spotlight on ‘fat-cat’ feds

Imagine asking for a $100 grant or gift from a charity because you desperately need it to fill the tank with gas so you could get to a job where you were…

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OPM’s advice for furloughed employees who can’t make rent payments isn’t sitting well

In what was designed to be standard form to help federal employees prove the impact of the partial government shutdown on their pay, the Office of Personnel Management suggested furloughed workers trade their services for lower rent payments.

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