John Kamensky

  • Performance management: a conversation with John Kamensky

    What are some of the key challenges in performance management today? How are other governments around the world using performance management? What are some of the key international trends in government performance management? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these and other questions with John Kamensky, Senior Fellow at The IBM Center for The Business of Government.

  • Industry report attempts to define vision for future government leaders

    After 20 years of studying public servants, the IBM Center for the Business of Government has published a sort of summary book with advice for a bumpy future.

  • Conversation with authors: John Kamensky on Cross-Agency Collaboration

    How were the initial Cross-Agency Priority Goals (CAP) goals implemented? What has been the impact of the initial CAP goals? How can we improve the implementation of the next round of CAP goals? Join us as we explore these questions and more with John Kamensky, Senior Fellow at the IBM Center and author of Cross-Agency Collaboration: A Case Study of Cross Agency Priority Goals.

  • How to improve organizational performance in your agency’s unit

    John Kamensky, chairman of NAPA’s panel on executive organization and management, explains three steps that federal mangers can take in order to improve organizational health and performance within their agency’s unit.

  • John Kamensky: Strengthening organization health and performance in government

    The National Academy of Public Administration has developed what it calls a new, data-driven framework for health and performance of agencies

  • John Kamensky: Cross-agency collaboration does improve performance

    Congress passed a law requiring agencies and the White House to establish cross-agency priority goals so agencies would work together “across” boundaries.

  • To earn feds’ support on gov’t restructuring, OMB may need a different message

    Though federal management experts like much of what they see in the Office of Management and Budget’s reorganization and restructuring plan, they say the White House needs to craft a more positive message to sell their ideas to the federal workforce.

  • John Kamensky: VBA makes headway on claims backlog

    The National Academy of Public Administration released a detailed study that showed the Veterans Benefits Administration has improved disability claims backlogs, but that’s only the beginning. John Kamensky, chairman of the academy’s VBA panel, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin for more.

  • John Kamensky: Strategic foresight key to making presidential transition work

    For its presidential transition planning work, the National Academy of Public Administration has convened a series of panels, which have with ideas and actions a new administration can take to make sure its policy goals actually happen. John Kamensky, senior fellow with the IBM Center for the Business of Government and chairman of the panel, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin how strategic foresight can help.

  • John Kamensky: Saving money through inventory management

    Better inventory management can save your agency millions of dollars and improve mission performance. The IBM Center for the Business of Government teamed with Northeastern University to come up with 10 ways agencies get boost inventory efficiency.