Marine Corps

  • Outdated hardware snags Marines’ migration to Windows 10

    When the Defense Department announced its plan to upgrade most of its computers to Windows 10 by 2017, the Marine Corps, characteristically, said it would go first. But the smallest of the Defense services has run into problems.

  • Former Marine contracting officer faces 37 months in prison

    Justice officials said former Marine Contracting Officer David Liu worked with two government contractors to exchange protected procurement information of competitors to rig the bidding process for a multimedia services Navy contract in Somalia.

  • Navy, Marine Corps provide relief for Japanese earthquake victims

    U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel delivered supplies in support of the Japanese government’s relief effort following recent earthquakes near Kumamoto.

  • Tactical Cloudlets: Mobile Computing Readies for Battle

    During 14 years of war in the Middle East, Marines and soldiers came to rely on having ready access to computers. And the more capability they had, the more they wanted. Fuel trucks became targets for insurgents, and defending them became an extra burden for troops. Clearly, a more efficient solution was needed.

  • Navy updates IT workforce rules, making commanders more accountable for cyber defense

    The Navy Department is making it clear that military members and civilians can be reassigned or dismissed from government service altogether if they don’t stay current on their cyber defense training.

  • Holiday treat: DoD’s year in pictures

    If there’s anxiety from war, self pity, or cynicism, you don’t see it in these faces.

  • Navy shares holiday cheer at home and overseas

    This photo gallery shows how U.S. Navy personnel and their families are celebrating the holiday season at home and abroad.

  • Men and women in the trenches together

    When it comes to mental application, men don’t have it over women. Only today’s training and the ultimate goal matter.

  • Navy hoists sails on wearable fitness device trend

    The Department of the Navy is taking the lead in the military by allowing personnel to wear fitness devices such as a Fitbit or Nike Fuel Band. Naval officials said they want to promote a “culture of fitness” while preserving a secure and classified environment.

  • Retired Adm. John Harvey: Disparity abounds in permanent change of station costs

    The Marine Corps pays almost three times as much to move a vehicle for a permanent change of station as the Army does. The Government Accountability Office found the military is spending more on PCS moves even though the forces are actually making fewer reassignments. Retired Navy Adm. John Harvey is former Commander of the Fleet Forces Command and former Chief of Naval Personnel. He’s now Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He told In Depth with Francis Rose what’s driving the increase in costs.