• Agencies seeing more brute force or disruptive cyber attacks than ever before

    Grant Schneider, the federal chief information security officer, said the 2019 Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) report to Congress shows marked improvements around tools, processes and training, which is leading to better risk management.

  • The more things change…

    This week on Amtower Off Center, VMWare’s Christina Morrison and Allan Rubin of ORock Technologies joins host Mark Amtower to discuss the state of marketing in government contracting.

  • Cyber threat from Iran sparks warning from CISA, ‘heightened vigilance’ from agencies

    Recent tension between the U.S. and Iran have given CISA an opportunity to test its cyber threat intelligence-sharing capabilities in the new year.

  • Executive Briefing Series: Evolving Cloud Strategies

    In this exclusive executive briefing, IT specialists discuss how federal agencies are approaching cloud computing.

  • The evolution of GovCon marketing

    Marketing industry executive Aileen Black joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center to discuss how innovative new marketing tools are helping companies get their message out to new and existing customers.

  • Head of Google federal cloud leaves

    Aileen Black, Google’s executive director and industry lead and group leader for the U.S. government, left the company after more than two years.

  • Small agencies can be more nimble when modernizing IT, moving to the cloud

    But like large agencies, small ones still have to be able to take advantage of the technologies like cloud and emerging ones like machine learning or robotics process automation to modernize their services and improve their cyber postures.

  • Expert Edition: Federal Cloud Report

    In this Expert Edition: Federal Cloud Report, we report on imminent improvements to FedRAMP’s authorization process and why the Senate wants to give the Homeland Security Department even more money to use cloud providers to consolidate data centers.

  • How hybrid cloud is changing the models for security, meeting mission goals

    The adoption of a hybrid cloud model leads agencies down the path of creating an approach to security that is based on the zero trust model, where identity management helps define who has access and how that access is defined to specific data and applications.

  • Navigating the journey to data center modernization

    Modernizing government data centers is a journey, and agencies now are ready for the next step: Migrating applications to new virtual environments.