Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 7, 2013

Jimmy Christianson of the Associated General Contractors of America discusses government construction projects currently underway. Billy House of the National J...

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Today’s guests:

Jimmy Christianson
director of government affairs
Associated General Contractors of America

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Congress has been frugal lately with federal construction money. Some projects have been suspended. Others are just plans on paper. What will 2013 bring?

Billy House
staff writer
National Journal

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Over the years, Congress has earned monikers ranging from the world’s greatest deliberative body, to a bunch of children. Last week it was hard to argue with the second one. A profile in The National Journal says the first day of Congress resembles the first day of school. Freshmen lawmakers get the same jitters.

Roger Waldron
Coalition for Government Procurement

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The General Services Administration has a confession: The industrial funding fee added to orders through its signature Multiple Awards Schedule program pays for a little something extra. Now GSA wants to make sure federal buyers know where its money is going.

Tim Solms
Microsoft Department of Defense Business

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It seems like only yesterday the Defense Department was stepping gingerly into the world of Windows 3.1. Flag officers used Minesweeper to learn how to use a mouse. Fast forward 20 years and now we’re in the age of Windows 8. And now, the Army, Air Force and Defense Information Systems Agency have inked a new deal with Microsoft covering 75 percent of DOD personnel.

Lisa Wolfe
program director
Federal News Radio

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There’s a new site for job seekers in the D.C. area and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen. Five of the area’s leading news sources have come together to connect the best talent with the best jobs. Here to tell us more is our own Lisa Wolfe, program director here at Federal News Radio.

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Brian Friel
business intelligence analyst
Bloomberg Government

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Engineering and construction contractors stand to gain billions in federal Sandy relief spending. That’s if the House actually passes it.

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