Ann Dunkin named CIO at EPA

Listen to Ann Dunkin’s full interview on the Women of Washington radio show.

Ann Dunkin has been named chief information officer at the Environmental Protection Agency. Her first day on the job was Monday, Feb. 23. Dunkin previously served as senior adviser to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to be the CIO at the EPA and to have the opportunity to lead the future direction of that program,” Dunkin told Women of Washington radio show hosts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm.

Ann Dunkin, CIO, EPA in the Federal News Radio studios. (Photo/Gigi Schumm)

President Barack Obama nominated Dunkin as assistant administrator for Environmental Information back in January 2014. However, her nomination did not make it through Congress. She was renominated in 2015.

The EPA did not need congressional approval to make Dunkin CIO. She will hold the office as her assistant administrator appointment awaits approval.

“This, typically, has not been such a long process, and so it’s kind of been uncharted territory. The White House, the EPA, I, and a lot of other nominees, have been trying to figure out what we do,” Dunkin said. “This process right now certainly makes it harder, and I hope that the President and Congress are able to find out a way to clear up this gridlock.”

During the course of the interview, Dunkin also discusses her background at HP and her path to Washington from Silicon Valley.


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