Contractor survival and bodies as cash machines

On this week's Capital Impact show, Bloomberg Government analysts will examine how the government shutdown is affecting contractors, and what some people are do...

This week on BGOV’s Capital Impact show hosted by Allen Scott:

  • When the government shuts down, the impact on contractors is not always clear. A company’s ability to weather the storm depends on a number of factors including government funding sources, previous contracting wins, the extent of furloughs at the client agency and the company’s government products and services. Bloomberg Government’s Senior Budget Analyst Cameron Leuthy explains what government contractors can expect in the event of a government closure.

    *Out of work Americans are turning to the Internet for assistance in keeping their heads above the homeless line. As a result, in all but two quarters since the beginning of 2011, “hair,” “eggs,” or “kidney” have been among the top four autofill results for the Google. Hair, eggs and kidney as in “I want to sell my…” Bloomberg economic reporter Victoria Stilwell addresses very real acts of desperation in these tough economic times in an article titled: “Bodies Double As Cash Machines with U.S. Economy Lagging”.

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Allen Scott (moderator) specializes in customer on boarding and training at Bloomberg Government. Allen previously worked at Arbitron, Inc. where he served in a variety of roles from customer service to sales operations manager. Prior to Arbitron, Allen worked in radio for several years in the Washington and Baltimore areas. Most recently he spent six years at 99.1 HFS as co-host and news director.
Cameron Leuthy is a budget and congressional analyst for Bloomberg Government. Cameron has worked at the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Defense Department, and in the private sector at Booz Allen Hamilton. His expertise includes the budget process and the nexus of national security policy, operational requirements and funding. He has a bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University and an MPA from the University of Washington.
Victoria Stilwell, is an economy reporter at Bloomberg News in Washington, D.C., where she monitors and covers U.S. economic indicators and trends. Prior to her move to the district, she covered corporate finance, emerging markets and company news for Bloomberg in New York. Stilwell is a native of Hickory, North Carolina and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with degrees in economics and journalism.

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