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Creating opportunities in constant change: A conversation with April Rinne

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The Business of Government Hour, hosted by Michael J. Keegan, features a conversation with government executives and thought leaders who are changing the way government does business. The show explores topics such as leadership, management, technology, innovation, public service, as well as the mission of government in the 21st century.


How can government leaders see constant change as an opportunity, not a threat? How can fostering a flux mindset help leaders be more effective and resilient in the face of relentless uncertainty? What strategies can leaders employ to do just this? Join Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with April Rinne, author of FLUX: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change on a Special Series Leading Through Uncertain Times.



April Rinne is equal parts global authority, advocate, ally and adventurer. She sees trends early, understands their potential, and helps others do the same. She’s a global citizen who brings insights, access and perspective to companies, governments, investors and organizations worldwide. But April is not only a thought leader; she’s also a doer. She connects people, ideas and resources in ways that say “wow, that’s what the world needs” – and then makes it happen.

Advisor: April is a pathfinder within the digital economy, platform economy and sharing economy. She advises startups and established companies, local and national governments, policy makers, think tanks and investors, working across for-­‐profit and non-­‐profit models. Her areas of expertise include policy reform; global expansion; the future of work; travel and tourism; sustainable development; cities; and emerging markets. She is known for her skill in bridging the private, public and social sectors -­‐-­‐building a more inclusive and responsible sharing economy in the process.

Speaker & Writer: April is an acclaimed keynote speaker and contributes regularly to news and media about the new economy, future of work and global citizenship. She has presented at a wide range of events, from Davos to the EU Commission, industry convenings and private workshops.

Memberships: April is a Young Global Leaderat the World Economic Forum where she leads the Sharing Economy Working Group and is a member of the Global Futures Council for the Future of Mobility and the Urbanization Advisory Group.  She is a member of China’s National Sharing Economy Committee and serves on the Advisory Boards of the Sharing Cities Alliance, Seoul Sharing City (South Korea), Amsterdam Sharing City (The Netherlands), Sharing Economy Denmark (SEDK), the National League of Cities (USA) and World Pulse (global). She is also a founding member of BBPDX.

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