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This week on Off the Shelf,  Jeff Koses, senior procurement executive (SPE) at the General Services Administration (GSA), provides a timely update on GSA’s key policy, program and procurement initiatives.

Head shot of Jeff Koses
Jeff Koses, senior procurement executive, GSA

Koses discusses the latest information and thinking from GSA on implementation of Section 846, e-Commerce portals, including the next steps in market research and analysis of the nexus between commercial practices and government unique requirements.

He also shares news on GSA’s Commercial Solutions Opening Pilot Program, a streamlined acquisition process designed to access new market technologies/capabilities.

Koses also addresses schedules modernization and what it means for government and industry. Finally, he talks about his plans for supporting the acquisition workforce at GSA and beyond. Don’t miss a wide-ranging, informative discussion on all things GSA!



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