LMI: Delivering logistics & management advisory services to the government

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This week on Off the Shelf, Susan Cengiz, vice president and director of the Transformation Management Office at LMI, Lisa Wax, director of LMI’s Strategy and Contract Operations, and Jeffery Wehner, director of Civilian Markets, share the LMI story — its unique history, legacy and vision for the future as a private, not-for-profit organization delivering logistics and management advisory services to the government.

Group photo of Cengiz, Wehner and Wax
(L-R) Susan Cengiz, Jeffery Wehner and Lisa Wax, LMI

The LMI team highlights the role the Transformation Management Office plays in internal process improvement for LMI and its government stakeholders/customers.

In addition, Cengiz, Wax and Wehner outline how LMI’s four services lines (Advanced Analytics, Digital Services , Logistics and Management Advisory Services) are supporting customer agencies across government.

The LMI team also shares insights regarding current trends in the market, including the growing use of OTAs, the use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to address/support customer missions.


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