Bill Greenwalt

  • Thornberry considering punishing DoD for moving too slowly on new laws

    House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) wants DoD to pick up the pace on implementing laws.

  • Don’t exempt DoD from the Clinger-Cohen Act, modernize federal IT management instead

    Former federal IT executives say the 1996 law is not the problem, but it’s the processes that grew up around the Clinger-Cohen Act are making IT acquisition too difficult.

  • FASA revisited: Precedents in commercial item preference

    In today’s panel, we discuss the renewed focus on commercial items, and there are a lot of contemporary reasons to do so.

  • DoD is dragging its feet on following the law and it could be a national security issue

    The Defense Department is still implementing provisions of laws made almost two years ago.

  • McCain closes doors to public on NDAA sausage-making

    The Senate Armed Services Committee and its subcommittees are marking up the defense authorization bill in a completely classified setting.

  • Longtime Defense acquisition expert accepts R&D job at PSC

    Former deputy undersecretary of Defense Bill Greenwalt will serve as the Professional Services Council’s new senior advisor for research and development, the group announced Wednesday.

  • In new ‘how-to’ guide, Pentagon’s innovation outpost urges rest of DoD to adopt rapid acquisition

    The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental thinks it’s learned a thing or two about rapid acquisition over the year since its initial standup, and sees no good reason why the rest of the Defense Department can’t use the same techniques it’s put in place to award new contracts in 60 days or less.

  • PSC acquires TechAmerica Foundation, ending 15-month saga

    CompTIA decides to get out of the federal sector and focus on its core capabilities.

  • Bill Greenwalt, visiting fellow, American Enterprise Institute

    President Barack Obama is going to name a replacement for outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The White House expects to formally nominate former Deputy Defense Secretary Ash Carter to lead the Pentagon later this week. Bill Greenwalt is a visiting fellow at the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he shared insight on the challenges Carter will have to address if Congress confirms him.

  • Bill Greenwalt, Fellow, American Enterprise Institute

    Today is the first of a three-day series here at Federal News Radio called The Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform. Today’s focus is legislating reform. Over the years, what statutes have made the most impact, what have been the least successful and what pending legislation holds the most promise? The Clinger-Cohen act changed the landscape of federal procurement back in 1996. It gave agencies more authority and formalized the CIO position. Bill Greenwalt is a former Senate staff member who helped pen Clinger-Cohen, formally known as the Information Technology Management Reform Act. He’s now a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Greenwalt joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain why the Clinger-Cohen act was needed to update the prevailing law at the time.