Former NASA CIO discusses the art of leadership, taking risks

Former NASA CIO and cloud computing pioneer Linda Cureton sits down with Women of Washington radio show hosts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm to discuss leadership, the importance of taking risks and current fiscal constraints on NASA.

(Courtesy of Muse Technologies)

In response to recent budget cuts at NASA, Cureton says, “because of the constraints on the discretionary spend, I believe that that’s going to negatively affect innovation at NASA. NASA’s always been known as an innovative agency, but because of the decrease in the discretionary spend, I think the more innovative people are not really attracted to come to NASA now.”

However, Cureton says she would still recommend that young people work for the federal government. “There’s no greater honor you can have than to serve your country … and we need devoted young men and women to come in to the government and maybe help shape the future.”

Cureton also looks back on her time in the federal government and her search for a mentor within that system. She says she learned that “the best way to find a mentor is to be a mentor,” and she says that the best advice she’s ever received is to take risks. “If you take no risks, you accomplish nothing,” Cureton remarks.

Now founder and president of Muse Technologies, a leadership consulting firm, Cureton helps others to take risks. She advises companies to create actionable strategic plans while empowering CIOs to take advantage of opportunities.

Listen to the full interview with Cureton.


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