The 100,000 Jobs Mission: Is it a success?

December 19, 2014 — This week on “Fed Access”, host Derrick Dortch is joined by Maureen Casey, managing director of the Office of Military and Veteran’s Affairs at JP Morgan Chase and Company and Dr. Margaret Harrell. director of the Army Health Program and senior social scientist at the Rand Corporation.

They will discuss a recent report on the 100,000 Jobs Mission, an initiative started by JP Morgan Chase, and ten other companies to help veterans find jobs in the private sector after they leave military service.

The report is titled: “Veteran Employment: Lessons from the 100,000 Jobs Mission”, and Casey and Harrell will talk about the study’s findings including what the program is doing right, and what areas need improvement.

The 100,000 jobs mission began in 2011 with the 11 companies committed to hiring 100 thousand vets by the year 2020.


Since then, the coalition has grown to more than 170 companies representing nearly every industry in the American economy, and more than 161 thousand veterans have been hired thus far.