• NASA’s $2.9B end-user contract comes under protest

    NASA awarded 10-year contract to Leidos in early February to manage all personal computing hardware, software and mobile IT services.

  • GSA’s eBuy Open pilot reminds us why FBO.gov remains a problem

    GSA launched its schedules transparency initiative four months ago and NASA awards a new $2.9 billion contract to provide its employees new end user services.

  • OPM answers some post-shutdown HR questions

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management answered some lingering questions that popped up due to the recent partial government shutdown.

  • Ignore the Shiny Object. Focus on Outcomes.

    The cloud can help free people up from the undifferentiated heavy lifting of common problems like compliance or intrusion detection. Agencies can save hundreds of staff hours by utilizing automation tools offered by cloud service providers.

  • Cybersecurity and Analytics – Where AI Meets the Cloud

    Agencies need to think about how they intend to use AI. Everyone wants to apply it to cybersecurity, to keep data safe. But what about applying it to patterns and use cases around the data? Who is looking at it, and when?

  • The data is in the cloud – now what?

    The cloud has already made it possible for federal agencies to store vast amounts of data while reducing their reliance on expensive enterprise data centers. Now the cloud is making it possible for agencies to consider sharing that data and putting it to use in ways they never had the resources to consider before.

  • Delivering on the promise of the cloud

    When Leidos works with Amazon Web Services, they know they have a head start because the transformation can take place in an environment that has passed rigorous security requirements.

  • Executive Briefing Series: Cyber Warfare in DoD

    In this exclusive executive briefing, military leaders versed in cyber warfare will discuss trends and future requirements

  • Solving the cyber puzzle – from trust to talent

    Arlette Hart, senior cybersecurity technologist at Leidos, joined Federal News Network to discuss the state of cybersecurity today and the need to recruit and retain top talent.

  • Where Space Station goes, so goes Leidos

    Nanette Hardin is the division manager of NASA programs at Leidos. In this interview with Federal News Radio’s Tom Temin, Hardin describes some of the work the company does in support of the ISS.