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Chuck Brooks, vice president for DHS at Xerox, and Lee Frederikson, managing director of Hinge Marketing, will discuss how to leverage LinkedIn at your agency o...

September 1, 2014 — This week on “Amtower Off Center”, host Mark Amtower is joined by Chuck Brooks, VP for DHS at Xerox, and Lee Frederiksen, managing director of Hinge Marketing, for a wide ranging discussion on leveraging LinkedIn.

Topics include:

  • results from Hinge studies on top B2B social networks (LinkedIn is #1)
  • how Lee and Chuck each use LinkedIn to position themselves and their respective companies as industry leaders
  • key elements for anyone seeking to use LinkedIn
  • the value of sharing 3rd party info on LinkedIn as well as your own content
  • the value that LinkedIn provides the B2B community

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Amtower Off Center

Amtower Off Center


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