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Ray Bjorklund, president of BirchGrove Consulting joins host Roger Waldron on this week's Off the Shelf, to discuss the state of the federal market, including h...

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This week on Off the Shelf, Ray Bjorklund of BirchGrove Consulting gives us his thoughts on the state of the federal market.

headshot of Ray Bjorklund
Ray Bjorklund, president, BirchGrove Consulting

While the shutdown was ugly and painful, Bjorklund says spending will rebound over the course of the fiscal year with Congress adding funding and lifting CR constraints.

He also analyzes the contract addressable dollars across mandatory and discretionary spending. A key part of understanding the dynamics of the federal market is the ability to assess how the system works and how well agencies/departments are executing on their procurement dollars.

Bjorklund tackles agency effectiveness, providing his analytical insights/tools for assessing agencies procurement track records and implications for a contractor’s business development and capture, contract performance risk, and cash flow. He also weaves a comprehensive picture of the market and provides real time insights.

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