bid protests

  • DoD facing fewer bid protests

    By Jason Miller Executive Editor FederalNewsRadio Fewer companies are protesting contract awards made by the Defense Department over the last five years. Between 2004 and 2008, the Government Accountability Office found the number of protests…

  • More agencies, vendors turn to ADR to solve contract disputes

    GAO finds that the use of alternative dispute resolution is up by 25 percent in 2009

  • Latest developments in bid protests

    Roger Waldron, Of Counsel Mayer Brown LLP May 5th, 2009

  • An In Depth Look at Bid Protests

    John Howell Partner Sullivan & Worcester July 14th, 2009

  • GAO: contract protests hit 15-year high

    Bid protests are up, which means so is the workload at GAO. The Government Accountability Office’s Ralph White explains what’s involved.

  • How contractors can approach a bid protest and not antagonize the agency

    Bill Welch is the chair of the Government Contracts Practice Group at General Counsel.

  • Bid protests

    Anne Perry and Jonathan Aronie, partners at Sheppard Mullin, will answer questions about the bid protest process. April 17, 2012(Encore presentation May 22, 2012)

  • Chart: Bid protests 2000-2011

    Bid protests of government contracts have been on a steady rise over the past decade.

  • Bid protesting system helps agencies police themselves

    Steven Maser, a professor of public policy and administration at Willamette University, recently completed a study on the bid protest process. While he acknowledged that the number of bid protests were on the rise, he didn’t necessarily think that was a bad thing for agencies and contractors.

  • Agencies have much to learn from bid protest process

    Joseph Petrillo, a federal contract attorney with Petrillo and Powell, agreed with a recent report that bid protests help to keep the federal government honest. Unfortunately, the 2,000 or so annual bid protests are just a drop in the bucket of the millions of possible protestable contract actions out there.