Bidding to win

This week on “Amtower Off Center”, host Mark Amtower interviews Bob Lohfeld, CEO of Lohfeld Consulting Group  on the state of the market and bidding to win.

Headshot of Bob Lohfeld
Bob Lohfeld, CEO, Lohfeld Consulting Group

Topics include:

  • DOD and civilian spending, 2011 v. 2016
  • IT spending in the same period
  • the trend toward contract consolidation and why companies need to win MACs and GWACs
  • what it takes to win, including Lohfeld’s 7 facets of a winning proposal
  • DOD’s memorandum regarding Source Selection Procedures
  • the role of digital content in positioning your company
  • the use of “automated capture management” solutions


Amtower Off Center


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