The real cost of CRs and shutdowns

What are the real impacts of continuing resolutions and government shutdowns? Find out when Attain CIO Simon Szykman and Lohfeld Consulting Group CEO Bob Lohfel...

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(This show originally aired on January 22 and February 19, 2018)

This week on Amtower Off Center, host Mark Amtower’s guests are Simon Szykman (CTO of Attain and former CIO of Commerce) and Bob Lohfeld (CEO, Lohfeld Consulting) and the discussion is all about continuing resolutions and shutdowns.

CRs are both a way of  life and a standing joke in the GovCon arena, but there are consequences. Shutdowns, less frequent, but often threatened, have both significant costs and dire consequences beyond the parks being closed.

Head shots of Szykman and Lohfeld
Simon Szykman & Bob Lohfeld

Topics includes:

  • the impact of CRs on agencies and contractors
  • the end-of-FY spending as a result of CRs
  • the mandated preparation by contractors and Feds for impending shutdowns
  • small business collateral damage as a result of shutdowns
  • shutdown impact on the overall economy




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