Federally Funding World-Class Scientific Research

The federal government has a long history of funding top-tier scientific research. This week, join host James Heelan for a discussion with Nobel Laureate…

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Four Days in 50 Minutes: A Remote Recap of WIFLE’s 2020 Conference

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A Conversation Regarding Race in the Federal Workforce

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Natalia Castro for a conversation regarding how systemic racism and discrimination impact the federal workforce….

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Inside Home Healthcare

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Tony Vergnetti for an inside look into the home healthcare industry. Guests will be discussing how the coronavirus…

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Financial Planning During a Pandemic

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Debra Roth to hear important advice for handling your finances in the midst of the current health and economic crisis. Guests will be discussing how to manage times…

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