Open Season with Federal Insurers

On FEDtalk this week, join host Tony Vergnetti for a discussion with the leading players in federal employee insurance. In our second annual Open Season…

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Four Days in 50 Minutes: A Remote Recap of WIFLE’s 2020 Conference

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Federal Employees on the Front Lines

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Natalia Castro to hear the stories of the federal employees working on the front lines while millions of Americans…

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Here to Help: Resources for Feds During COVID-19

FEDtalk On FedTalk this week, join host Tony Vergnetti to hear about some of the important resources available to to federal employees and recommendations…

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Inspiring Public Service

FEDtalk Tune in to FEDtalk this week to hear about the National Commission on Military, National, and Public. Joining our host, Tony Vergnetti, will be National Commissioners Debra Wada and Tom Kilgannon. The National Commissioners…

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