DoD Cloud Exchange 2022 sessions on demand

Did you miss our 2022 DoD Cloud Exchange? No worries. You can watch sessions on demand and read articles featuring cloud leaders from every military service and...

Our event might be over, but the insights and tactical advice live on.

Below you can watch sessions from Federal News Network’s second annual DoD Cloud Exchange on demand and read articles featuring cloud leaders from every military service and the fourth estate — as well as pick up tips from leading industry experts.

Our team of editors dig into the DoD digital transformation strategy, multi-cloud initiatives in the military services, adoption of DevSecOps processes, zero trust, containerization, microservices and more.

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Day 1

“The fact that you’re virtual, in the cloud, affords you the ability to share — and you actually want to share — because that’s where you get innovation and collaboration.” — Danielle Metz, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise, DoD

“I think the mission is really driving the requirement to be able to build solutions faster and securely, and such that we’re able to respond to emerging threats.” — Derrick Pledger, Vice President and Director of Digital Modernization, Leidos

“We need to create cloud buying mechanisms that support scale and to create securing mechanisms that have thoughtful design around the environments and the architectures.” — Paul Puckett, Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, Army

“Leaders are really focusing on ways to truly maximize the value of cloud and what it takes to be successful with hybrid cloud.” — Trista Colbert, Senior Partner and Vice President for Hybrid Cloud Services for the Federal Sector, IBM

“A comprehensive reporting solution is really important to be able to analyze those costs associated with the total cost of ownership of an application, both on premises and in the cloud.” — Mike Malaret, Director of Sales Engineering, Public Sector, Veritas

“The zero trust framework really relies on no assumption or inheritance of trust and enforcing fine-grained access controls and narrowly defined zones have access.” — Bill Harrod, Public Sector CTO, Ivanti

Day 2

“The intent now is we are going to take that ICAM solution and begin to fold other systems on to that system. That becomes a cornerstone enterprise service that will be delivered.” — Aaron Weis, Chief Information Officer, Navy

“We really want to be able to see how can we push the power and value of the enterprise as close to the fight, as close to the edge, as possible?” — Eric Moore, Vice President and SMIT Delivery Manager, Leidos

"We talk about current states and future states but rarely do you hear anyone talk about steady state. And it’s one of the most costly phases of your deployment or release plan.” — Renata Spinks, Assistant Director for C4I and Senior Information Security Officer, Marine Corps

“I think the workforce is going to have to be cross-trained and multifaceted. So you may be a network administrator today, but maybe you also need to be a database administrator.” — Janice Haith, Strategic Client Director for Department of the Navy, Oracle

“We have limited people. We have an aging workforce. We want to maximize the intelligence and the people capital. We have to go do the work where the work needs to be done.” — Dave Zukowski, Principal Technical Consultant for Public Sector, Akamai

Day 3

“Cloud makes it easier to describe and understand your software manifest. It allows you to understand your traffic flows. It gives you good foundations to provide continuous automation.” — Jay Bonci, Chief Technology Officer, Air Force

“I believe that the insights are there, but agencies have to curate the data, manage the data. And cloud infrastructure allows you to do that at speed and at scale.” — Bill Bender, Senior VP for Strategic Accounts and Government Relations, Leidos

“Don’t let hierarchy get in the way of a modern, unified workforce. From the highest levels, we need to be encouraging and giving opportunities for cross-functional teams.” — Sharon Woods, Director, Hosting and Compute Center, DISA

“What we’re hearing from our customers is that they always look for three things: flexibility, agility and cost savings. That's the value proposition of a multi-cloud strategy.” — Bill Wright, Senior Director for North American Government Affairs, Splunk

“The Space Force was born into this digital age. We have that as part of our fabric.” — Col. Charles Galbreath, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Innovation Officer, Space Force

“We’ve been talking about the “what” of zero trust for five or six years. Now, we need to focus on the ‘how.’ ” — Sean Frazier, Federal Chief Security Officer, Okta

Additional content

"We can encapsulate that automation through containerization. And then we don’t need system experts, we need a person who understands how to deploy a containerized application." — Chris Yates, Chief Architect, Red Hat

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