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Episode 9: Winning federal business with small agencies

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Welcome to Market Chat! – “Bringing Clarity to the Clutter in Government Marketing” with hot topics, best practices, exciting guests and innovative ideas.

Market Chat! is an ongoing series that provides an open and collaborative interaction between government and industry to ensure that listeners walk away empowered with greater knowledge on how to better market to their targeted federal, state and local audiences.

While most federal marketing efforts are focused primarily on the 24 Cabinet level, CFO-Act agencies, did you know that there are roughly 100 small agencies?  Learn what you need to know about the “non-CFO Act” small agencies aka the “smalls.”  A typical Cabinet-level department (Interior, Justice, State) may have tens of thousands of employees, small agencies have under 6,000 employees and micro agencies typically have under 50 people.  Altogether though, the “smalls” employ about 50,000 Federal workers and manage many billions of dollars.

In this episode of Market Chat! you will learn about the Small Agency Council a voluntary management association of sub-Cabinet, independent Federal agencies, established in 1986.  Does your marketing program resonate with decision makers in small agencies?  Apply what you’ll learn from Market Chat to make better decisions and increase your company’s visibility among small agency decision makers.

We’ll cover key areas of insight when selling and marketing to a small independent federal agency:

  1. What are small agencies and why should government sales and marketers market to them?
  2. What makes them different from larger federal agencies?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing to small agencies?
  4. What are marketing best practices when working with small agencies?

Understanding these insights is a must for federal government sales and marketing professionals. Apply what you’ll learn from this Market Chat to make better decisions and increase your company’s government win probability with small agencies.

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Panel of experts

  • Kimberly Hancher

    Former CIO, EEOC

  • Marc Zoellner

    Managing Partner, IAD Consulting, LLC

  • Steve Watkins

    Chief Content Officer, Government Marketing University

  • Lou Anne Brossman

    Founder and President, Government Marketing University