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Ask the CIO: Department of Veterans Affairs

06/ 15/ 2023
 2:00 PM

In this exclusive webinar edition of Ask the CIO, host Jason Miller and his guest, Kurt DelBene, assistant secretary for information and technology and chief information officer with the Department of Veterans Affairs will dive into zero trust and the future of training and automation at the VA. In addition, Tom Roeh, director of systems engineering at ExtraHop will provide an industry perspective.


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Discover how agencies across the government use cloud to reimagine government services — from the enterprise to the edge



Executive Briefing Series: Securing the Remote Workforce

In this exclusive executive briefing, experts discuss how the remote access boom will accelerate both cybersecurity and the validity of the notion that a remote workforce can accomplish the mission.

Executive Briefing

Expert Edition: Operational Resiliency

This Expert Edition: Operational Resiliency demonstrates how agency operations remained resilient in the face of one of the government’s biggest challenges in a long time.


Expert Edition: Digital IT Modernization

In this Expert Edition: Digital IT Modernization, you'll read about specific agency digital transformations.


Executive Briefing Series: Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition

In this exclusive executive briefing, experts will reveal how agencies are putting business first and creating a set of standards to better control cloud creep and secure data:

Executive Briefing

Executive Briefing Series: Edge Computing

In this exclusive executive briefing, experts discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with cloud and edge computing.

Executive Briefing

Expert Edition: Data Management

as you’ll read in this Expert Edition: Data Management, it’s the combination of the people, the processes and the technology that will drive better outcomes and efficiencies.


Expert Edition: Mission Effectiveness & Readiness

In this Expert Edition: Mission Effectiveness & Readiness, you'll read how as the nature of work enters the information age, a more diverse set of skills can be brought to bear in many jobs.


Cyber Technologies in DoD: Protecting Core Infrastructure

In this publication, we look at how the Air Force, the Department of the Navy and DISA are using cyber technologies to protect core infrastructure.