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Events List


AI & Data Exchange 2024

02/ 27/ 2024

Securely scaling artificial intelligence to meet mission.


Federal Executive Forum Customer Experience (CX) Strategies in Government Progress and Best Practices 2024

 1:00 PM

Learn how top government CX experts are profiling customer experience success and visions for the future


Federal News Network’s DoD Cloud Exchange 2024


Cloud as the norm: DoD takes aim at strategic advantage



Expert Edition: CyberChat

In this Expert Edition: CyberChat, you’ll learn from cyber experts what the current cyber environment looks like and what trends, tools and techniques have materialized to detect, protect and prevent intrusions.


Expert Edition: Security strategies in government

In this Expert Edition: Security Strategies in Government, we discuss a range of cyber efforts.


Expert Edition: The pillars of cloud in government

In this Expert Edition, The Pillars of Cloud in Government, we look at agency efforts to reach their fullest cloud potential.


Executive Briefing Series: Journey to the Enterprise Cloud – Part II

In this exclusive executive briefing, federal cloud practitioners share their updated strategies for the cloud journey.

Executive Briefing

Expert Edition: Combating healthcare data breaches with intelligence

In this Expert Edition, Combating Healthcare Data Breaches with Intelligence, we review several agencies’ efforts to identify, treat and prevent the cyber issues inherent in electronic health records and medical devices.


Executive Briefing Series: Digital Transformation of the Network

In this exclusive executive briefing, technology experts provide a glimpse into how federal agencies are going about network transformation.

Executive Briefing

Executive Survey Series: DevSecOps

A new Federal News Network survey of federal employees showed how the deep roots of DevSecOps have anchored themselves in the soil of project and program management.


Executive Briefing Series: Collaboration and Transformation

In this exclusive executive briefing, federal practitioners address how they are transforming their agencies by addressing their mission and vision.

Executive Briefing