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Federal Executive Forum Chief Technology Officer – Profiles in Excellence

07/ 6/ 2022
 1:00 PM

During this webinar, you will gain the unique perspective of the chief technology officers from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Labor, U.S. Marshals Office and industry leaders.


Fostering Collaboration between Security and Development

 2:00 PM

It's been a year since the rollout of the administration's cybersecurity executive order. How has it progressed across the federal enterprise over the past year?


CISO Handbook: Managing Supply Chain Risk at Scale


During this exclusive CISO Handbook webinar, moderator Justin Doubleday will explore some of the challenges and best practices associated with supply chain security with Gerald Caron, the chief information officer at the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General.



Strategic Guidance Survey: Managing IT as a Business

This strategic guidance survey details how CIOs at ITA, LoC and other agencies are maximizing their investments to make sure resources are aligned to mission goals. In the end, that’s what managing IT as a business is all about—ensuring the mission has what it needs to be successful.


Executive Briefing Series: High Performance Edge Computing

In this exclusive executive briefing, IT practitioners outline the use cases for edge computing and approaches for taking advantage of it.

Executive Briefings

Executive Briefing Series: Simplifying Technology Platforms

In this exclusive executive briefing, IT practitioners provide insight into the low-code, no-code surge that is democratizing transformation

Executive Briefings

Expert Edition: Mobile Connectivity

In this exclusive e-book, you'll explore how all the pieces are starting to come together to help agencies connect more devices at faster speeds to help meet their missions in a more agile and secure way.


Expert Edition: Edge Computing

No matter the organization, the overall goal is to create a consistent development and operational experience where there isn’t a fear of fragmentation or vendor lock-in.


Expert Edition: FedRAMP

This e-book addresses how the FedRAMP PMO and its partners believe the end result of many of these initiatives is a better, faster and cheaper cloud security program.


Executive Briefing Series: Digital Services

In this exclusive executive briefing, IT practitioners provide insight into how they are creating a digital fabric by optimizing cloud and citizen services.

Executive Briefings

Special Bulletin Review: Enterprise Cloud Conversations

This e-book aims to help agencies ask the right questions as they modernize and move more applications and data into the cloud.


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